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BadMinton Shirt 2018

Graphic Design 

My wife and I play in an annual Badminton tournament hosted by our friends here in Billings. Everyone has t-shirts made or dresses up for the tournament in some way. This year Kelsey and I picked “Attempted Murder” as our team name (Kelsey has been really into true crime since starting law school). We figured the name was sort of relatable back to badminton because you play with a “birdie” and a group of crows is a “murder”.

I have designed T-shirts in the past, and I have always done them in Adobe Illustrator. Doing them in Illustrator always ends up taking me way longer and being way more work than I expect. I was in a bit of a time crunch this year so I decided just to sketch the T-shirt design digitally on my ipad in procreate. This process was a lot more fluid and a lot less work than the T-shirts I had done in the past.  I was able to draw and edit everything on the ipad and uploaded them to to be printed with out touching anything other than my iPad. I spent my Saturday morning siting on the couch with my ipad while Kelsey read. and by lunch time I had T-shirts ordered. I was happy with the printing results from

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