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Hillside Reside

Black and White Residence

The remodel of a 90's ranch house sits on a fantastic site on the West end of Billings. The property is 3 acres and is nestled into a bend in canyon creek that boarders the lot on 3 sides. This client is a contractor and wanted his house to be much more open and modern,  he really emphasized that they wanted a black house. The entire exterior of the house is black with the exception of wood accents at two locations, the main entry and back patio. 

The 90's ranch house is made modern through  window replacements, moving a couple interior walls, paint and a couple finish changes. Much of the design was focused on the back patio. The addition of a large 16′ multi-slide door that opens to a covered patio area with a fire pit and lots of room to entertain. This back patio looks directly at the creek surrounding the house. The new window wall will connects the interior of the house to the creek just out the back door. The client is a landscape contractor and this large back patio will be a great base for him to expand upon and create a landscaping showcase.

Kinsfather Residence 12 9 2020

Kinsfather Residence 12 9 2020

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