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Tree Street Tree House 

Addition and Renovation of a 1940's home

My wife and I decided to add a modern additon to the middle of our 1940's house. The addition is 17' wide and extends the back of the house 4' and adds another story and roof deck.

The extension on the main level expands a very small bathroom and galley kitchen, while the new second level adds a new master bedroom, bathroom, & closet.

My wife and I have been calling the addition the "Tree fort". We live in an area of Billings knows as the tree streets (the streets are all named after trees). Our neighborhood has boulevard style streets, with a great variety of mature trees planted along every street. The trees in the neighborhood are amazing, but block all views out of the neighborhood. We thought it would be great to build an addition to experience the trees at every level (the big views would be of the trees) The fist level of the house would be a view of the trunks with the canopy overhead. The second level we have a 12' wide window that faces our maples and puts you smack dab in the middle of the canopy, and the experience culminates in a roof deck that feels like you are at the very tops of the surrounding trees. Being at roof top elevation allows views out to a unique geological feature of billings the "Rimrocks" Despite the rimrocks being very close, the trees completely block any view of them from the neighborhood, however at the roof deck level we have direct views to the rimrocks, and with the trees close it feels much like being high up in a tree fort.

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