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iceland greenhouse restaurant competition

Design Competiton

December 2021, myself and a couple friends from work entered the “Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant” Competition hosted by Bee Breeders.

Unfortunately we didn’t win but our project was shortlisted.

Competition Brief

A volcanic island covered in snow and ice, Iceland is a stunningly beautiful country, but not the easiest place
on Earth to find locally grown foods. Bee Breeders, in partnership with Vogafjós Farm Resort, are calling for
submissions for their Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant competition.
Participants are tasked with creating a concept for a restaurant that combines organic, indoor farming with a
uniquely Icelandic aesthetic. Designs will need to provide practical solutions, incorporating year-round,
indoor farming concepts with a comfortable space to seat roughly 100 guests, all with views of the milky blue
Mývatn nature baths on one side and Hverfjall volcano on the other.

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