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(Best read with an old timey propaganda newsreel accent) 

With the fall of Germany, America turns its fighting forces toward the Soviets. America shines a light of democracy wherever evil may hide. Our boys overseas are turning the Red Tide with the help of a new kind of mechanized marvel. This green machine, the Mechatro W1LL4 Light Assault Walker, or as the troops affectionately refer to it “Willy,” is the brainchild of defected German scientist, Dr. Hans Von Gruber. The former Third Reich Wunderkind describes his machine as the first step towards a mechanized master race he calls the “Maschinen Krieger.” Dr. Von Gruber sure has some silly notions, but his machine made of hard steel and cold logic seems to be just what the doctor ordered for beating back the Ruski’s. 

American industry is at double step to deliver more Mechatro “Willy’s” to the front.  It seems that Red is no match for America when its mechanical genius joins with the muscle of millions of men working to win for the ways of freedom. 

Recently Miniature painting has led me to become interested in Model Kits. I bought a couple Mechatro WEGO’s from Japan as a cheap way to get started. I built my first one per the instructions, but for my second one I decided I wanted to get a little big more experimental. I had the idea that I wanted to do it up in the style of a WW2 Willys Jeep, I have been enjoying the retro futuristic art of Jakub Rozalski . See the Russian counter part to Mechatro Willy here. I ended up kitbashing my Mechatro Wego kit with a WW2 Bulldog tank kit from Hobby lobby. (see process photos Below. The whole process was super, and it gave me a chance to learn some new weathering techniques. I decided to make in into a diorama by putting into a cheap bell jar from amazon and write a little story to go with. And had to do the photoshopped image of course.

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