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Grand Pickleball Club T-shirt

Graphic Design 

My parent’s pickleball club in Arizona was looking for a t-shirt design and they asked if I could do one for them.
I came up with a quick logo with the yellow pickleball representing the Arizona sun, White Tank Mountianas (a local landmark) in the forground to anchor it , and a cactus with a pickleball paddle for fun.

It was a fun little project, but the part I was pleased with was how fast I was able to turn it around. My dad emailed me at noon, thought a bit about it in the back of my head at work . finished up work at about 5:45 went out for beers with a couple coworkers came home ate dinner and then started to draw out the shirt on my ipad while watching TV at about 8:45, and had it done before I went to bed. I am sure a graphic designer could bang something out like this very quickly, but before using the ipad for this type of thing, this would always take me way longer than i expected and turn into a real chore, and I would have had to sit at my desk instead of just laying on the couch.

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