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Pocket Parks Competition 

This submission for 2012 Billings Architecture Association's design competition was done during office ours at O2 architects and was design in collaboration between Kim Olson, Don Olson, Chis Blackwell, and Myself. 

While I was working at O2 Architects the office did an entry for the Celebrate Architecture Design Competition, focusing on pocket parks in Downtown Billings. We did the project in office; the team was made up of Kim and Don Olson, Chris Blackwell, & myself. The competition was a lot of fun to work on everybody contributed some great ideas, and as an office we explored a full gamut, from the crazy to the very possible. The whole process really made me appreciate Kim & Don’s commitment to Downtown Billings.

The project explored how alleyways and other less frequented parts of Billings, MT could be transformed to provide maximum recreation possibilities with minimal infrastructure. 

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