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Red Oxx

Mixed Use Building , BAA Design Competition 2016 

This project was designed in partnership with my good friend Logan Kato of Missoula, MT

Red Oxx Mfg. in the East Billings Urban Renewal District, at 1314 4th Ave North creates an interplay of ideas for the revitalization of the historic area. Renewal efforts in this area take into consideration the industrial context while bringing housing and life to the street corner. The EBURD is void of much needed green space and parks; 1314 remedies this while retaining the EBURD’s strong industrial grit. Space for people to gather is created by raising a park onto the roof of a 2 story office, shipping center, and retail location for Red Oxx Mfg. Displacing the park from grade provides beautiful views over Billings towards Sacrifice Cliffs and the Rimrocks to the North, while also buffering the park from the adjacent high traffic street. Access to the Roof Park is granted though a monolithic staircase which acts at the buildings mechanical and support spine on the north side of the lot set against busy 4th Ave. A tower rises from the building clad in rusted steel like the 2 story structure below, echoing the fractal nature of the Eagle formation Sandstone which makes up the Rimrocks. This tower gives access to two vacation rental apartments, tree like structures that float over the Roof Park, shading and protecting its patrons. The project responds to both the natural and man-made environments, creating
something that is built to last.

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