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The Hill

North Park Pavilion - BAA Design Competition 2017

The brothers raced, Jim yelling back at Paul “last one to the top of The Hill is a rotten egg!” Once at the top of The Hill the brothers took in the neighborhood. They could see all the way to their house five blocks away. Construction of The Hill had been completed just under a year ago. Before that, the boys never spent much time in North Park, but since the construction, it seemed they were in the park nearly every day, after school and on weekends. The Hill served as a landmark for all the neighborhood kids to meet up. It seemed that something was always happening at The Hill: Outdoor movies, concerts, car shows, arts festivals, fancy parties and, their favorite, sledding in winter. The boys climbed to the top on warm summer evenings to watch ball games and city fireworks on the 4th of July. Even when there was nothing happening at The Hill it was still fun to race your brother to the top.

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