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The Jawa 

A Little House.... A Lot of Happiness 

The Jawa Tiny Home, was designed around things you wouldn't expect to see in a Tiny House ie. a carport, elevated living etc. The design is supposed to be fun and playful, but also hopes to solve many of the issues that make tiny house living undesirable for much of the population.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with new graphic workflows. The small scale of this project allowed me to experiment with video rendering techniques, more traditional graphic illustration, and photo realistic rendering. Photo realistic renderings are easier than ever for architects to produce, and the workflows are fast and efficient.  The downside to this workflow however is much of the imagery you see today has a sameness to it.  To stand out and keep things from getting stale it is always fun to use a project like this for experimentation.  I tried to achieve a retro 50's/60's magazine advertisement feel with all the graphics and layout.

The Jawa - Tiny Home

The Jawa - Tiny Home

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