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EBURD Mixed Use 

Mixed Use Building , BAA Design Competition 2015 

This project was designed in partnership with my good friends Logan Kato, & Kurt Mcgrane

Nestled near downtown Billings in the East Billings Urban Renewal
District, 115 N. 22nd contributes to the continued revitalization of this historic area. A dynamic mix of concrete, glass, wood & brass create a rich palette of texture, pattern & color. The result reflects the surrounding environment of hard working refineries, rail yards, warehouses & homes. A thread of brass leads through the structure, up a monolithic tiered staircase restaurant which intertwines with offices on the second floor. This thread brings the residents to their shared courtyard on the third floor from which they disperse to their respective two bedroom lofted units & studio apartments. Wood slatting plays a delicate game with concrete & fenestration preserving views outside but ensuring both privacy & light within

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